Help and howto

How can You try the Codica VoIP?

It is very simple. Just register on this page, You get immediately 10 cent for FREE, than select the mode how to use our services, set up Your devices and You are ready to enjoy telephoning for cents...

How can You use the Cocica VoIP?

First You need broadband internet connection (min. 64 KB/s, recommended 256 KB/s or better).
Than You can use our services in different ways.
  1. IP telephone
    It is a telephone device just like the regular, but it connects to the internet instead of the PSTN. You can buy it from several manufacter, our offer is here.
  2. Softphone (program on your PC)
    It is a simple software for Your PC. There are a many freeware solutions, we recomend X-lite 3.0 (or better) for Windows users and Ekiga for Linux.
    To see the configuration tutorial please log in.
  3. Smart phone (cell phone)
    You can use our services from Your Android based smart phone. Just download the CSipSmiple program from Android Market and configuring it.
    To see the configuration tutorial please log in.
  4. Free phone
    For this option you don't need extra devices, just a regular or cell phone. You call a local phone number from your regular phone (pay a local tariff - this is additional cost), our centre hold on, then You type the required phone number and our services connects You.

How can You charge up my account?

  1. Via Moneybookers
  2. Via bank transfer
  3. Via paycheck (just from Serbia)
  4. Via distributers